Why peer-it?

What do you need peer-it for?

People who want to use peer-it has different reasons because we have different needs. We want to address the most critical needs. Here are some of the reasons why people want to use peer-it: 

Problems we shall solve

We seek to solve different types of problems. Here are some you might recognize. 

Time and resources

Many employees and leaders do not have enough time or resources to do the work they want to. In peer-it, we address this problem by learning how to work smart. 


High turnover

We know that a good onboarding program and work environment are critical to reducing turnover. Reduce it too with our mentoring program. 

Reduced trust in the leaders

With a lot of stress, people may not communicate in the way they do at all times. With peer-it, the leaders and employees can communicate better, and the leaders get the support they need from a fellow leader. 


How we do it

A lot of people have tried to address these issues before. We can of course not give the whole recipe here, but you can get a sneak peek. 

Groundbreaking, robust technology

Our technology gives both you and me a lot of opportunities that did not exist before. 


A method based on pedagogy and research

With research on how people learn, develop, and work together we have designed the perfect tool for you. 

Start the change today

Learning, problem solving and development.