Student supervision software

Makes it easier to manage time for supervision. Raise the supervision competence and the quality of supervision.

Why digital software for student supervision?

Time management

With PIA the digital software you can manage the time in PIA. 


PIA structures student supervision. The participants and administrators knows what to do, when, and how. 


The software makes the quality supervision less dependent on the supervisors’ knowledge. 

Gain control over the scope and time use of the supervision

Many people experience time as the biggest challenge in guidance. That is why we have developed PIA, the digital platform that helps you manage your time for guidance. With a clear plan, it is easier to prioritize in a hectic everyday life.

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Connect content for the supervision to the supervision programs

You can connect the supervision content to the sessions. Add new content, use existing content, or edit content. The themes for supervision are in active use in the sessions with supervision forms and structure. 

Raise the quality of the supervision with a large selection of supervision methods

Participants have access to several popular supervision methods. In the past, the quality of the supervision has depended on the supervisor’s competence. Here there is a lower threshold for using the supervision method that best suits the situation. The supervision becomes more engaging and motivating.

Forms structure and systematize development

In PIA’s digital supervision platform, managers and employees have access to forms for planning, implementing, and evaluating supervision. These forms mean that you always know what to do. Information is sent automatically. Individual supervision and group supervision can be carried out.

Get access to statistics and certificates

Participants can gain access to certificates or attestations after completing supervision. The management can get an overview of statistics related to the supervision in PIA. It will be easier to link supervision to the company’s strategy and justify the choices you make.

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Situation-based mentoring

The software enables your employees to help each other in stressful situations.


Mentoring for new employees

This software tool helps you integrate and keep your new employees. Give your new employees and mentor the right tool

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