Leader coaching


Leader coaching software

The software for leader coaching lets your leaders help each other to solve their most critical challenges. They can determine their own time and need. 

Features like forms for leaders and documentation are included in the software. Real-time, notification, and automated processes. 

"A fellow leader in the other department has helped me solve my problems better than all the courses I have been to put together."


Leaders helping each other when they need it

The leaders can choose when they have time to coach others and when they need coaching. In this way, they are in control of their help system. 


Leading for success tomorrow

Create a culture that is also focused on the future. With peer-it software, it is easier to prioritize and make important decisions regarding the future. 


Popular features


Document development

The leaders who help others deserves to be noticed. 


Track the progression

The leaders can track their own development. 


User friendly

The design is tested by multiple persons with different computer experience. 


Forms to follow the process

Out user-friendly forms follow your leaders every step of the way.


Flexible on time

The leaders choose the time available for development. 


See statistics

See personal and group statistics. 

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See the leaders who help others

The time the leaders take to help other leaders in your company can often be unseen. With the peer-it software, it is easier to discover.  Make it attractive to collaborate. 

Small medium businesses

Our software is flexible for you to grow with it. Features like GDPR compliance, real-time management, and responsiveness.

Small medium enterprises

We care for your success. Security, permission control, and digital onboarding are a matter of course.

Large enterprises

Read about our specific solution for large enterprises as customization and security features.

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Peer learning

The software enables you to focus less on the administrative part of peer learning and more on helping each other. 


Mentoring for new employees

This software tool helps you integrate and keep your new employees. Give your new employees and mentor the right tool


Strategic competence

The ultimate software tool to plan knowledge development in your company. Use statistics and analysis to make qualified decisions.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can integrate the software without technology or a development team. If you need help we also provide technological support. 

Yes, you can tailor your solution. You can for example order leader coaching in combination with employee mentoring, or you can choose all solutions in one package for a better deal. 

No, you do not need that. Our software is designed based on a comprehensive understanding of the field so that you do not have to spend as much time reading up.

We also provide helpful onboarding resources to get you ahead. 

You can watch demo videos on our youtube channel. If you want a demo and are not able to find it, do not hesitate to contact us. Peer-it also has a free version you can try.

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