Certified learning


Certified learning

The Certified Learning software helps you and your employees certify employees and managers within specific competencies or topics.

Features like goal management, forms for employees, and program management are included in the software. You can also track development and get feedback on the program.


Ensure that employees have the right skills

You can delegate responsibilities to your certified employees so that they help you to mentor and certify employees within specific competencies and areas. 

Set standards for quality

The fact that the employees can be certified up to certain standards can provide security for you, your employer, and possibly others such as students or patients.

right competence

Popular features


Plan the learning

Alone or with colleagues 


Track the progression

Keep up to date with completed and future tasks


Evaluate and improve

Get insights to improve for the next round. 


Forms for your employees

Supports employees in implementing change measures.


Collaborative strategy

Define the direction and content of the development with those you want.


See statistics

Get feedback and statistics to better analyze the progression

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Why certified peer learning?

Small medium businesses

Our software is flexible for you to grow with it. Features like GDPR compliance, real-time management, and responsiveness.

Small medium enterprises

We care for your success. Security, permission control, and digital onboarding are a matter of course.

Large enterprises

Read about our specific solution for large enterprises as customization and security features.

See other measurements

Student mentoring

Software to help you, the mentors, and students to get control, and explore the advantage of student mentoring. 


Leader coaching

The solution inside your own company. Give the leaders the tool and let them help each other to solve their biggest concern. 


Peer learning

Let your employees help each other to discuss important topics and solve critical problems. They learn from each other.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can integrate the software without technology or a development team. If you need help we also provide technological support. 

Yes, you can tailor your solution. You can for example order peer learning in combination with leadership coaching, or you can choose all solutions in one package for a better deal. 

No, you do not need that. Our software is designed based on a comprehensive understanding of the field so that you do not have to spend as much time reading up.

We also provide helpful onboarding resources to get you ahead. 

You can watch demo videos on our youtube channel. If you want a demo and are not able to find it, do not hesitate to contact us. Peer-it also has a free version you can try.