Digital supervision: Goal oriented supervision

Helps you systematize and streamline supervision in specific areas.

Why goal oriented supervision?

Systematic learning

E-learning, routines, documents, VR courses, simulation, video and other learning resources are put into a system.

Ensure quality in work performance

Supervision is close to practice. It is difficult to change habits, you have to gain experience over time. Therefore, supervision is the right measure to raise the quality of work performance.

Develop the right competence

The supervision is based on the organization and the department’s actual needs for competence development. It is not accidental.

Co-determination and trust

Employees can be included in determining the content of the supervision. The measure can raise confidence in the employees’ competence. It will be a seal of quality.

Popular development areas for goal-oriented supervision

The school sector

The health sector

digital veiledning

Create your own content for the supervision or get ready-made content

You can create the content of the supervision yourself. If you do not have time for this, you can also get us or others to make it for you. We have already prepared some content that can be used. The positive thing about being able to create content yourself is that supervision can be adapted to several situations and needs. A business will be able to create its library tailored to its needs.

Where do we stand and where do we go?

Those who receive supervision should reflect on their current situation. What am I already mastering and what can I get better at? The supervisor must observe the practitioner and gain an understanding of the mentee’s current situation. Observation and reflection are used as a background to create a training plan for what mentees should train on.

digital veiledning
digital veiledning

Training in practice

In the supervision, the mentee must implement the learning activities agreed upon. It could be trying a new approach, or observing a colleague. Here, the supervisor supports along the way. Videos, documents, and other learning resources can also be used to support. This is where we see a change in practice.

Why goal-oriented supervision?

Checklist for systematic observation when supervising colleagues

See also free resourse for systematic observation

The checklist helps you remember to assess important things before, during, and after the observation.

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