PIA- the digital supervision service


Peer-it’s digital supervision services include access to the software. Here all users have access to their personal use.

  • Planning. Managers log in to the software to schedule the supervision. This is done in available forms.
  • Implementation. Employees log in to the software to implement the supervision. They can implement the supervision physically with PIA or digital. The software is used to structure their conversations.
  • Evaluation and statistics. The participants finally evaluate goal achievement and supervision. Statistics are generated for managers.

For the participants, there are advantages to using video, audio recordings, photos, and other digital possibilities. They make it possible to go more in-depth when reflecting and learning. One can also learn in different ways.

Why digital supervision?

With supervision you can:

  • Raise the competence of the team
  • Reduce burnout and stress
  • Implement specific competencies
  • Set quality requirements
  • Have employees who master their tasks
  • Change habits, attitudes, and work environment
  • Adjusting practice

Why digital supervision

  • Manage time in supervision
  • Ensure targeted conversations
  • Systematize competence development
  • Professionalize and raise the quality of supervision
  • Streamline supervision
  • Carry out supervision physically, but also across time and place

About PIA the digital software

Supervision is not the same as a course

The organisation uses their own mentors

You can make your own content in the supervision, or use content ready to use

The supervision is not done in one hour but is carried out over a period of time

You do not need to be experts to get started

It is possible to test out supervision on a smaller group before deciding

Consulting services

In addition to the digital software, we also offer consulting services. Our employees have extensive experience with supervision. They want to transfer as much of their expertise to you as possible. We work according to the slogan “Together we will be better”.

We adapt to the amount of work you want. We can assist 10% -100% based on your needs. Do you need follow-up over a longer period, or a 1-3 day workshop? Our employees adapt.

Our core competence is within supervision. We also have expertise in strategic work with competence development and organizational development.

Our main areas are the school sector and the health sector, but we are happy to adapt to other sectors with a need for competence in supervision.

We are three employees with an interdisciplinary composition. Read more about us on our about us pages.


We also offer tailor-made courses for your organization. Choose one of the courses below or contact us to tailor a course to suit your needs.

Courses for leaders

  • 4 hours/half day course
  • Topics we address: Why supervision? How to plan supervision? Pitfalls and success factors.
  • Size: 5-10 people

Courses for supervisors

  • 4 hours/half day course
  • Topics we cover: What is supervision? How to provide good supervision? What does the research say?
  • Size: 5-20 people

Courses for mentees and supervisors

  • Workshop 1-3 days. 
  • Theory and practical training in supervision.
  • Size: 5-20 people

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