Digital situation based supervision

Reduce burnout in employees with debriefing

Burnout and debriefing

Employees who are in demanding work tasks over a long period may experience burnout at some point. Especially in health care, they are in difficult situations, there is a lot of overtime and stress. Many take their work home. Before it gets to the point that they are on sick leave due to burnout, it is important to prevent it. It is about giving them a respite in everyday life and teaching them to deal with difficult and stressful situations.


Supervision to prevent

Situation-based supervision focuses on improving the situation of the individual employee through group supervision. The employees receive the debrief in their most critical situations. They reflect on their situation and give each other techniques to master everyday life.

Plan and system

The digital service helps the participants to manage the supervision themselves. The help is systematic. They need to know what, who, how, and why. Select group leaders manage the groups.

Learning resources

Participants can take advantage of digital learning resources such as videos, photos, and links to helpful websites.

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