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Our plan makes it possible for you to choose the specific type of measurement you need. 

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Permissions are based on roles. 



Get an overview of the development across departments and groups.  



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Mapping, developing, and analyze

Our service portfolio consists of services for all roles in a medium-sized company. From new employees to top management. We work to meet all your needs in change and development. See our demo for more information about the service.


Peer-it offers an online platform that includes a number of tools for businesses to find their own path to change. The tools include employees in their own development. Co-determination combined with an intuitive and clear web app motivates employees to get involved in the change measures. 


Our service portfolio consists of a number of selections that cover all roles in the business. The services are tailored to promote commitment and closeness to the work situation of the users. The portfolio includes informal guidance, group guidance, guidance for new employees, coaching, certified mentoring, and student mentoring. In addition, you get access to a number of analysis tools to streamline and optimize your strategic plan.

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Get insight into how our solution can be by reading the story. The stories are filtered by company size, type of solution, and sector.


Linis nursing home

Mentoring for new

A case study about how Linis nursing home experienced the mentoring program. Health sector.


Damen middle school

Informal group

The principal wanted to help her teachers who experienced constant change. 


Mir hospital


Better mental health, development, and problem solving for the leaders at Mir Hospital.

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