Small Businesses

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Choose the parts you need

Our plan makes it possible for you to choose the specific type of measurement you need. Do you want to prioritize leader coaching, mentoring, or peer learning? As you grow you can add the other measurements later on. 

Dedicated SMB features

Single sign on


100% GDPR complient



The plans are flexible so you can adjust it when you grow. 

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Real time

Real-time lets you get in control of your data here and now. 


Use peer-it on the computer, phone, or desktop. 


Pay per user and choose what you need now. The platforms can scale with you. When you grow, you can add more functions based on need.

Read our use cases

Get insight into how our solution can be by reading the story. The stories are filtered by company size, type of solution, and sector.


Linis nursing home

Mentoring for new

A case study about how Linis nursing home experienced the mentoring program. Health sector.


Damen middle school

Informal group

The principal wanted to help her teachers who experienced constant change. 


Mir hospital


Better mental health, development, and problem solving for the leaders at Mir Hospital.


The solutions we have for small businesses are simple. We know that you do not need heavy and complicated systems for small businesses. It is easy to get started as a small business.

Start the change today

A new and innovative way of learning.