Easy to plan and have informed participants

Miscommunication can lead to frustration and demotivation. Therefore we take communication seriously. With our software, it is easier to give the right amount of information. 

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Collaborate about the learning goals

You can choose how you mean the best content for the learning program is created. You can engage your employees to define the content, you can use existing content or involve an expert on the field.

Documentation and reporting

Do you need easier documentation of the development?

Our software gives everyone the documentation they need. The automatic processes reduce the time spent on documentation.

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Start the change today

A new and innovative way of learning.


Forms for participants

Supports your participants every step of the way

Peer-it has tested the best forms for learning. Your employees, students, and leaders are supported every step of the way. The forms ensure that you all know what to do. 

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User participation and autonomy

Give the participants the autonomy they need

Let the users be in charge of what they need. With this software, you can involve the participants in every step. 

Easy to use

The system is based on user-friendly modern design

We have designed the software so participants of all ages can manage it. 

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Start the change today

A new and innovative way of learning.

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