Our method

The strategic part of the method

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Assess the situation


Peer-it offers various analysis tools to understand the situation. F.ex. SWOT, ROS, and scenario analysis.

Assess the need


Use the answers from the analysis in relation to the strategy. 

Define the content


The content can be defined in different ways, alone or in cooperation with relevant participants. 

Plan the development


Choose types of measurements to implement in relation to the strategy. 

Administrate run


Set the frames. Define what is needed such as timeframe and participants.

Implement measurements


Let the participants implement and experience success with the measurements you decided upon. 

Evaluate the run


Get feedback to improve future development runs. 


The individual part of our method

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Choose between different type of measurements


Informal mentoring

This software is for you who have employees with demanding tasks. Let your employees help each other.


Mentoring for new employees

This software tool helps you integrate and keep your new employees. Give your new employees and mentor the right tool


Strategic competence

The ultimate software tool to plan knowledge development in your company. Use statistics and analysis to make qualified decisions.

Student mentoring

Software to help you, the mentors, and students to get control, and explore the advantage of student mentoring. 


Leader coaching

The solution inside your own company. Give the leaders the tool and let them help each other to solve their biggest concern. 

talent mentoring

Certified mentoring

Develop the right competence, at the right time, in the right place.

Start the change today

Learning, problem solving and development.