Digital supervision service

Involve the people to succeed in digital transformation

Digital transformation

Transformation is about more than introducing a small change. It is about changing the way you work to a greater extent. Everyday work as you know it is changing. It is not possible to bring about such a transformation without the people. That is why we at Peer-it are aware of the involvement of employees. It must be possible to combine the involvement with ordinary operational tasks.

User participation and supevision

In PIA the digital supervisor, you get the opportunity to involve the employees in specifying what transformation means regarding competence. That is to say: What exactly are we going to do in the future? It must be so concrete that the employees can observe the descriptions in practice. You choose how many of the employees you want to involve. In addition, you can involve external parties if needed.

involve employees

Safety and supervision

When everyday life as you know it changes, some may experience insecurity. This can lead to resistance and uncertainty. In the PIA supervision platform, employees receive a supervisor who follows them up. They become safe in an insecure everyday life. Employees who master the change quickly can assist as resources and mentors in the transformation.

Habits and automatics

When we have worked in the same job for a long time, we solve some tasks based on habits. There is an automaticity in what we do. Of course, not all tasks can be solved this way. However, the habits help to reduce the energy the task requires of us. When everyday life changes and we have to make new habits, this requires more energy. Therefore, we must not underestimate the need for competence development and other processes related to people in change. It is complicated to introduce even small changes because it is part of a larger and more complex system. The guidance services take care of the people when it comes to competence development and change.

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