Digital goal-oriented supervision

Introduce the new evidence-based practice

The need for the introduction of new evidence-based practice can apply to many areas

For example: 

New understanding in mental health

kunnskapsbasert praksis

To secure drug administration

Reduce extravagant behavior in dementia

Clinical observational competence

Health education competence

New guidelines within heart failure

Evidence-based practice

With PIA, employees can have time to reflect on practice together. They get the opportunity to explore research articles, videos, and other learning material related to the situations they experience in everyday life. It will thus be possible to use several sources as a basis for their decisions and actions.

Supervisor and focus

The participants are followed up by a supervisor. These supervisors are often super users who excel in what is to be learned. Together, they reflect on practice when it comes to the chosen area. They specify activities for how to train in the desired area. Their development takes place in a systematic way.


Digital service

PIA is a digital service that guides the participants and leaders from planning and implementing to evaluation. The technology makes it possible to streamline and ensure the quality of the supervision. At the same time, one can take advantage of various digital learning resources such as video, links, and digital documents. It is easy to remember what has been said and know what to do.

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