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Updated: 16.03.22

Privacy by design

Data privacy and security are fundamental to our company. We at peer-it have good routines to ensure quality in our work with GDPR.

This is the 7 pillars of our work: 

  • We prevent rather than repair
  • Privacy is a standard-setting with us
  • Privacy lies in the design
  • We are open about privacy
  • Full functionality
  • Information security is maintained from start to end
  • We respect your privacy

Please study the information below and let us know if you have any questions regarding the GDPR.


What is GDPR?

As of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. GDPR applies to all companies which are processing personal information about individuals living in EU/EEA. To clarify, personal data is any information that is related to an identified or identifiable natural person.


When you are a customer of peer-it, you decide the purpose of the processing of personal data in the web app. This means that you have the role of controller. Peer-it is the data processor when we process personal data on behalf of the data controller in the peer-it web app. This is a responsibility we take seriously. Moreover, we want to make your role as a data controller easier.


Data Processing Agreement

Peer-it offers a standard data processor agreement for all our customers of the web application. The agreement is available when signing up as a customer and complies with GDPR requirements. Our customers can download, print it out, and get a signed copy of the agreement


Right to access

  • Our customers can manage the rights so that only the relevant persons have access to the information they need.

  • Our support gives you insight into data when it comes to data that is processed about yourself.

Right to be informed

  • An updated description of the service with details of the use of data will always be available

  • If there are any changes in the service that will affect the GDPR compliance, you will be notified.

Right to rectification

  • If users believe that the data about themselves is incorrect. Then you should have access to change this information so that the data is corrected.

Right to erasure

  • Data erasure is always secure and disaster recovery systems support GDPR requirements.

  • The erasure can be done in several steps related to the need to store some information longer than another.

Right to data portability

  • The right to data portability is relatively new. It is about the right to move data.

  • Moreover, our support unit ensures good data portability.

  • In addition, we make sure of the identity before the information is handed out.


Read more

You can read more about GDPR. Information is available on the official GDPR website of the European Union.  

Protection of your account

Use a strong password to keep your data safe. We in peer-it will motivate you to get a strong password. This is an easy and strongly effective measure.

Peer-it will continuously provide updates to keep your data secure in the future. It is important that you update to keep your account safe. 

Backups will keep your account safer. Peer-it will make frequent backups. 


Protection of your privacy

We are committed to keeping your personal information private. Read our privacy policy to find out more. 

Organizations established in the EU like ourselves are committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).