Connect your existing learning resources

If you have e-learning courses, pictures, videos, documents, or podcasts you want to use, PIA can connect this in the supervision. 

Raise the quality in supervisionn with a large selection of supervision methods

Participants have access to several popular guidance methods. In the past, the quality of the supervision has depended on the supervisor’s competence. Here there is a lower threshold for using the supervision method that best suits the situation. The supervision becomes more engaging and motivating.

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Create your own content for the supervision or get ready-made content

You can create the content of the supervision yourself. If you do not have time for this, you can also get us or others to make it for you. We have already prepared some content that can be used. The positive thing about being able to create content yourself is that supervision can be adapted to several situations and needs. A business will be able to create its library tailored to its needs.

Make your own content library

An organization is building up an internal content library in PIA. Reuse, change, and delete. 

Get access to statistics and formalize the guide with certificates

Participants can gain access to certificates or attestations after completing guidance. The management can get an overview of statistics related to the supervision in PIA. In this way, you can formalize the work with development and learning. It will be easier to link supervision to the company’s strategy and justify the choices you make.

Knowledge base and help

Help text and knowledge base help arise the competence in supervision. It is easier to base the supervision on research and best practice. 

Forms structure and systematize development

In PIA’s digital supervision platform, managers and employees have access to forms for planning, implementing, and evaluating supervision. These forms mean that you always know what to do. Information is sent automatically.

Start the change today

A new and innovative way of learning.

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