Use case

Linis nursing home


Peer-it helped us integrate the new employees, and to give the employees the autonomy they needed.
Nora Doe
Department manager
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Meet Linis nursing home

Linis nursing home is a fictional nursing home that is used to explain to you how mentoring can work in a nursing home, and how autonomy can enrich mentoring. It will explain the challenges mentoring can solve, the benefit of getting started, and how it works.


The nursing home mainly takes care of demented people and multi-sick elderly people with a complex medical history. They have doctors, nurses, health professionals, physiotherapists, students, assistants, and managers. Moreover, the nursing home is divided into 6 wards with places for a sheltered unit, day center, long and short-term stays.

Key Numbers


Experienced dividends


Reduced employee turnover


Increased patient well-being

Their challenge

Employees at Linis are constantly pressed for time. Linis managers are in the process of hiring more, however, they are also experiencing greater challenges related to this work. Firstly, there is a lot about the battle for the best nurses and doctors. Secondly, it is difficult to retain good new employees and also integrate them in a good enough way during hectic periods.


Those who already work at the nursing home are doing their best, they are really passionate about patients receiving the best possible help and care. Several of them are starting to wear out, and it is urgent to find and integrate good new employees.


When you have finally found good candidates, it is not a given that they continue and work there for many years. Many experiences it as challenging for the new employees to enter a period with few resources and time. Sometimes the new employees choose to quit after a short time.


The managers previously used a training program for new employees that worked a couple of years ago. At that time, they had a better time for the new employees, but, with more and more time pressure and staffing challenges. In short, they saw themselves having to look for new solutions.

Mentoring with a high degree of autonomy as the solution

Nora is the department head at Lini’s nursing home. She found that they had to invest in a better scheme for new employees. It is critical that they get the right competence for all parties at the nursing home. Therefore, she googled and tried out a number of measures.


After trying out the free trial period on a shortlist of current candidates, she ended up choosing Peer-it’s mentoring software. The reason she chose peer-it was that peer-it has facilitated the autonomy of the employees.


For Nora, it is important that the mentors had the opportunity to decide the time and place for mentoring themselves. At the same time, it was important that the employees were involved in deciding the content of the mentoring.

For more than a year, Nora has used peer-it’s mentoring program to integrate and retain new employees. During this year all the departments have implemented the program. 

Autonomy, integration, and reduced stress

Noras´ employees, managers, and colleagues give her very good feedback after implementing the peer-it’s mentoring software. Several of the new employees thrive and stay at Lini’s nursing home. Many of them are well integrated and get along well with the gang.


Of course, the employees had very useful input on what should be included in the new employee training. They also greatly appreciate the flexibility to choose when and where the guidance is appropriate. They say that they can more easily adapt the training to the individual new employee and their own working day. It has previously been difficult to plan due to an unpredictable everyday life.


Certainly, Nora is experiencing positive ripple effects beyond integrating the new employees. Retaining and adequately integrating the new employees means that they become proper resources that can relieve the work pressure a little on the others. As a matter of fact, there will be a little less stress in the everyday life and more predictable staffing. Furthermore, the other department heads say that they experience the same thing.


In conclusion, the mentoring software gives the employees the autonomy they need to answer to the new employees’ need for mentoring. 

Explore the mentoring software

You can read more about the solution Nora used at Linis hospital. Mentoring solution can be combined with other solutions peer-it has, or you can choose only mentoring.

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