Digital goal oriented supervision

Effective implementation of welfare technology


Welfare technology and supervision

Welfare technology brings with it new ways of working. With goal-oriented supervision, you concretize together what the employees should be able to do. Select superusers/mentors who help other employees master new technology and new ways of working.

Systematize the implementation

With supervision, you ensure a system around the implementation. You show that welfare technology is leadership-based and important. You get an overview of everything that needs to be mastered and of available learning resources.

Add learning resources

The technology can include a variety of learning videos, user manuals, VR courses, quick guides, and e-learning courses. The guide in PIA helps you to gather everything in one place.

Book a free demo

Select a day in the calendar and fill out the form to book a free demo. We show you how the tool works and are happy to have a conversation about your needs.

Specify what employees should master

Super users help other employees

Overview of who, what and when

Let the employees experience over time

Ensure leadership anchoring

User participation and feedback