Use case

Trinn High school


The student results went up again, thanks to certified collegial mentoring.
Hanna Ore
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Meet Trinn high school

Trinn high school is an example to give you insight into how certified peer mentoring is working in a high school. The school is fictional. The story gives you insight into how the challenges that can be solved with certified peer mentoring and how the measure can work in practice.


The school is concerned with making each other shine. They have 1238 students and 154 employees. The students come from many secondary schools nearby. In upper secondary school, they can choose between several fields such as study specialization, sports line, or vocational lines in construction.


The students have different backgrounds and interests. The school arranges regular social events for the students. Subject days, sports events, and school balls are some examples. The school is close to nature. This provides good areas for learning and development. All the lines use nature, whether it is scientific learning, construction technology, or sports science.

Key Numbers


Experienced dividends


Reduced employee turnover


Improved student results

Low student results and frustrated parents

Hanna is the name of the principal at Trinn high school. She started as principal 6 months ago. Hanna’s biggest task is to improve the student results at school. Despite good well-being among staff and students, they get low results on tests that will measure competence.


The parents express frustration over low student results and the school owner makes it clear that the results must be a priority. This is a task that the principal places high on the priority list.


Hanna convenes a meeting with the teachers and school leaders. The teacher shall submit proposals for measures to raise the student results before the meeting. At the meeting itself, they address the measures. Hanna is concerned with co-determination and that the teachers should feel ownership of the further process. She does not want a measure that comes from above and below. As a conclusion of the meeting, they agree to try out certified peer mentoring from peer-it.


Certified peer mentoring to raise the student results

The teachers and school management wanted certified peer mentoring because the measure gives them the opportunity to discuss a common direction. At the same time, they wanted an opportunity to see each other’s teaching. Teacher life can be lonely at times. The teachers value the opportunity to observe other teachers practice, and to have their own observed.


Hanna put the teachers together in mentoring pairs of two and two. She assumed that they should teach the same subjects, but they can be across steps. Petter, who teaches the first class in mathematics, is for example put together with Mike, who is the math teacher for the students in the second class.


Through a get known meeting and a clear plan, the teachers are becoming more confident in the process and each other. They are getting started relatively quickly.


Professional challenges, mentoring, tips and tricks

After only a few weeks, Hanna notices a significant change in attitude. Teachers like to see each other in the cards. She receives feedback that the teachers who have worked there for a long time have a surprising calm and respect in the classroom that the new teachers were not aware of. At the same time, the new teachers provide new motivation and professional challenges to the older teachers.


The teachers discuss both the start of the class, the completion of the class, and the end of the class. They change who is the supervisor and who is the practitioner after a round of implementation.


The time and resources invested in certified guidance yielded the desired results. The students score better on the tests and this gives happy parents and school owners. At the same time, teachers are better off at work. They experience mastering the role of the teacher in a different way now than before and there is a lower threshold for asking each other for advice.

Explore the certified learning software

You can read more about the solution Hanna used at Trinn high school. The mentoring solution can be combined with other solutions peer-it has, or you can choose only certified mentoring.

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