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PIA is a complete tool for mentoring. Many people struggle with time and quality in mentoring. PIA’s system has structure and tools so you can focus on what is important to you.

What kind of solution do you need?

talent mentoring

Certified learning

Certification and mentoring of employees. This is well suited if the employees should be certified in an area or competence.


Mentoring new employees

The digital solution helps to efficient integrate and welcome new employees.


Problem solving

With tools for problem solving, your employees gets the opportunity to talk to each other about their critical issues.

Student mentoring

Software to help you, the mentors, and students to get control, and explore the advantage of student mentoring. 


Strategic competence

Access statistics and analytics to easily make informed decisions regarding change and development.


Leader coaching

Give leaders the tool that allows them to help each other solve their most critical challenges.

Read our case stories

Get insight into how our solutions work by reading stories. 

veiledning av nyansatte

Blandel high school

Principal Kaya used a digital tool to master their measure: Mentoring new employees. They needed to internalize the measure.


Lavendel hospital

Peer learning helped section leader Geri increase the right competence and reduce aggressive behavior in dementia.

veiledning av nyansatte

Linis nursing home

Read how Linis nursing home used mentoring of new employees to better and more efficiently welcome new employees. 

Discover our popular features

A tool for strategy, planning, and implementation of change measures

Our platform makes it possible to work with change and competence development at several levels. Get an overview of all processes on one and the same platform.


Motivational measures to prevent change fatigue

We know that it is demanding to stand in change processes. Therefore, we include motivating functions such as co-determination and cooperation.

Streamlines your work and saves you time

The platform structures work in all processes so that you can work efficiently. Automated processes save you time.

work environment

Ensures quality in change and development

With tools for informal group tutoring, your employees can play well with each other on critical issues.

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Learning, problem solving and development.