Digital mentoring platform

Peer-it provides PIA – a complete service for supervision. Many people struggle with time and quality in supervision. PIA’s system has structure and tools so you can focus on what is important to you.

Every feature in one platform

Access digital responsive forms

PIA the digital supervisor has several forms that are used when planning and implementing supervision. They are used for planning, implementing and evaluating supervision.

Streamlines supervision and saves you time

Get rid of paper. The platform systematizes the supervision. PIA structures the supervision and enables time management, information sharing, and digital meetings. PIA makes it easy to find time for supervision in a hectic work week.

Ensures quality in the supervision

PIA empowers you and your employees to master supervision. Forms help to know what to do at any given time. They are built on educational research. There is also a knowledge base with supplementary information.

Connect to VR, video and other resources

With PIA you can put a system around other learning resources you use e.g. VR, e-learning, learning videos, or others.

Why supervision?

digital helsekompetanse

Effective implementation of welfare technology

Systematic supervision ensures that superusers follow up with the employees.

Reduce burnout in employees

Employees in sharp situations often need to debrief the situations together with others. This can help to cope with a difficult workday.

Introduction of new practice

PIA systematizes the introduction of new practices. New curricula, new guidelines, or other practices may change.

samarbeid veiledning

Involve employees to succeed in transformation

PIA provides the opportunity to involve employees early. User participation is central to us.

What kind of solution do you need?

talent mentoring

Goal-oriented supervision

Goal-oriented supervision is supervision based on goals. This is well suited if you want to base the supervision on strategy.


Supervision for new employees

The digital solution helps to efficiently integrate and welcome new employees.


Situation-based supervision

With situation-based supervision, your employees get the opportunity to talk to each other about their critical issues.

Student supervision

Software to help you, the mentors, and students to get control, and explore the advantage of student supervision. 

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